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Living on the Edge is the field study of earthquakes, volcanoes, and other hazards where tectonic plates collide. Field studies focus on understanding the science behind natural hazards that lead to catastrophic events and subsequent loss of life. Fieldwork is aimed at recognizing hazards and understanding the processes behind the hazards. The blog chronicles the participants and their experiences in Alaska Summer 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Anchorage Traffic

While checking out Flat Top Mountain and access to some of the recent ash-falls on remnant snowpacks we were faced with this guy!  I fairly young bull moose - the second moose sighting of the day (the first was just across the street from where we are staying!).  This view looking southwest over Anchorage shows one of the many volcanos in the area.  When we drive along the coast of the Kenai peninsula in a few weeks we will have a better view of this volcanic arc and maybe even an ash or steam cloud! 
Check out this link to a video of the guy in action.  And a better video from the passenger - funny thing that driving and filming is tricky.


  1. The moose footage is awesome! Hope the mini-term starts off well this weekend!

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  3. Amazing! Maybe out of the city there will be people wandering the roads. Have Fun