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Living on the Edge is the field study of earthquakes, volcanoes, and other hazards where tectonic plates collide. Field studies focus on understanding the science behind natural hazards that lead to catastrophic events and subsequent loss of life. Fieldwork is aimed at recognizing hazards and understanding the processes behind the hazards. The blog chronicles the participants and their experiences in Alaska Summer 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Garver's in Alaska!

Well I've just spent my first morning here in Alaska and t

he weather is wonderful, in fact everyone is talking about what a great summer it has been so far.  It is cool and partly sunny.  Definitely need a light jacket. I am off to Petersburg Alaska for a week of Geology with the SE AK Keck group and then I will meet everyone back here in Anchorage.  The King Salmon just started running in this part of Alaska and in fact there is a salmon derby going on today down at Ship Creek, which is walking distance from the downtown area.  I wasn't fishing, but I did talk with a number of people who were including this fella in the service who was fishing in Alaska for the very first time.  Whoa, nice one, about 25-30 pounds of King Salmon.  

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