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Living on the Edge is the field study of earthquakes, volcanoes, and other hazards where tectonic plates collide. Field studies focus on understanding the science behind natural hazards that lead to catastrophic events and subsequent loss of life. Fieldwork is aimed at recognizing hazards and understanding the processes behind the hazards. The blog chronicles the participants and their experiences in Alaska Summer 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

More pictures! June 29-July 3

First night at Childs Glacier - just checking out the calving front.

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  1. John, these pictures and your blogs are SO COOL!!! Marjorie would love to see them but she is in no-tech land in Algonquin Park for 7 weeks. It looks so beautiful there. (So what am I doing in hot, #@%&* Florida!!)Hope that the group has a great time learning and enjoying the trip.